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31-32 quai de Dion-Bouton
92811 Puteaux Cedex
Phone: (33) 1 46 96 42 84
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31-32 quai de Dion-Bouton
92811 Puteaux Cedex
Phone : (33) 1 46 96 42 84
Fax : (33) 1 46 96 40 96

Mail : afritramp@bollore.com
Ports description

>> Nouakchott map port>> Nouakchott port facilities>> Nouadhibou port information

Nouakchott map port

Map reference number and Description Length (m) Draught (m)
1 Quay all cargo 148 6.5
2 Quay all cargo 169 9.5
3 Quay all cargo 190 9.5
4 Roro 225 11
5 Containers / General Cargo 225 11
  Tanker berth 120 8.5

Chinguetti terminal is operated from Nouakchott. 
Draught is calculated basis high tide / Water density : 1,025 
Weather : Bad weather condition such as swell and strong wind may happen mostly during late December, January and early February.  
This fact leads the port authority to enforce a law regulating the priority for berthing which is granted to liner container ships.

Max LOA and draft acceptable for berthing at general cargo terminal in Nouakchott :
- No official restrictions on the LOA as berths are linear
- Maxi draft allowed by high water/tide at old berths (n°2 and 3)  is 9.50m at new extension of the port is about 10.50 to 11m subject berths (n°4 and 5) free and weather conditions permitting. No berthing/sailing by night time in berths n° 4 and 5
- No shore gears available; Vessel must discharge with her own gears.

Private stevedoring. 
Three main road axes lead to the port : one comes from Nouadhibou in the North, the one comes from Mali and Eastern Mauritania and another one comes South from Senegal.

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Nouakchott port facilities

>> Storage capacities

Warehousing storage area 7,908 sqm
Container Terminal 20,000 sqm
Container Terminal 45,000 sqm
Open area 45,682 sqm
Plugs for reefer containers 100

>> Stevedoring equipment

  Quantity Capacity
VHF Station 1  
Weighbridge 1 60 MT
Tugs 2  2000HP each
Mooring boat 2  
Hydro graphic cutter 1  
Multi purpose cranes 2 10 T

>> Other facilities

Bunkering by tank trucks (gravitation)
Water by tank trucks (gravitation)
Slops Not allowed
Shipchandler Yes
Shipyard No

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Nouadhibou port information

                                                                     Cargo Length (m) Draught (m)

Nouadhibou point central




Nouadhibou SOMIR / MEPP




Commercial port




New extension berth (including Roro berth)




Max LOA and draft acceptable for berthing at general cargo terminal in Nouadhibou :
Commercial berth’  has the following restrictions  : Draft  7.20 m   and  LOA   160M
Water density : 1.025 . Draught is calculated basis high tide. Strong swell January -March - Heavy rain

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